Joe Marini

Joe Marini has studied with some of the most prominent musicians in the country, including famous jazz drummer Eugene ‘Babe’ Fabrizi.

Several years ago, professional doors were opend for Joe when he performed with world renowned bassist, Billy Sheehan.

Joe performed in a number of rock, jazz, and jazz fusion bands in Pittsburgh such as 
”Truth and Soul”, and “Upfront”, with Scott Anderson, Nick DiBattiste, and Brian Stahurski. 
”Upfront” released a CD called “Killing Time” in 1995 which received great reviews from the
 Pittsburgh Post Gazette and a number of Pittsburgh news sources.
 Joe brings energy, dynamics, taste, and great grooves that owe as much to Neil Peart and Steve Smith
as they do to Dave Weckl and William Kennedy to every gig. 
Currently Joe performs and records with stellar producer/guitarist/singer-songwriter Freddie Nelson, as well
 as performed with Greg Joseph of the Clarks, Dave and Maureen Budway, Pete Hewlett, Erika Luckett, 
Greg Macaluso, Mitch Nassar, and Ester Nicholson, just to name a few.

Joe was also nominated as “Best Jazz Drummer” by ‘In Pittsburgh’ magazine.
In 2012, Joe became an endorser of “Custom Drumstix”, a drumstick manufacturer from Atlanta, GA.
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